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Researches proved that the primary way of the COVID-19 virus is the droplets that come out when people breathe, speak, sneeze or cough. The use of a properly worn face mask can decrease the risks of spreading the virus. N95 surgical face masks are well known for their high filtration quality. But it is not much effective to stop smaller droplets known as aerosols.

It is necessary to know the level of protection and safety measurements that we require. However, it is clear that good quality face masks are better to reduce this transmittance level than homemade face masks.

It is important to stock up high-quality, effective face masks. Here are five advantages of made in USA face masks that will show you why you should stock them.

An effective filtration face mask should have at least these five parameters.

1.   Protection:

The effectiveness of face masks can be measured by their capacity to protect from aerosols. The effective capacity measurements of a mask include its fit, filtration, and protection. Different mask manufacturing companies use different methods to achieve all these characteristics.

Scientists are experimenting to discover different techniques to make face masks more effective. Some experiments show that aerosol filtration can be achieved by using fabric materials like chiffon, silk, etc. Moreover, another research is working to develop a low-level charge in mask fabric and use it to filter smaller droplets.

2.   Comfort:

Another important quality of a good mask is its comfort level to wear it for long periods of time. People need to wear a mask for long intervals of time at work or public places. The right mask offers you complete protection from germs and viruses with comfort.

3.   Scalability:

The made in USA face masks use commonly available material for manufacturing that local manufacturers can easily stock. Different styles and designs of face masks need such material that is available on a large scale. Face masks can be scale easily at a large scale rather than testing.

4.   Style:

Mask became a daily need to protect our loved ones from the COVID-19 virus. As it is a new normal, it should be fun, cool, and stylish that everyone loves to wear. People love to wear face masks with their name, favorite team logo or name, or brands, etc.

5.   Reusability:

The use of face masks is considered an everyday need. So, it would be better to clean them or simply change the filter instead of throwing it away.