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A dreamer’s heaven – Dubai is the city of lux, briskness, and cultural vitality. The sovereign lifestyle of Arabs attracts visitors from all over the world. The Arabs not only carry a royal lifestyle but also offer regal hospitality.

We witnessed their welcoming gestures in our venture to Dubai’s pristine desert. We had a family trip to the majestic VIP desert safari Dubai. To get the extreme perks of this nomadic place, we grabbed a VIP tour via Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. The serenity of the squeaky-clean desert was a buffoonery to explore with the company of this amazing team.

If you are about to visit Dubai, add its magnificent natural assets to your bucket list. Highlights of our luxurious tour to the Arabian contour are mentioned here. Sit tight and give it a read!

Highlights of a VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

1.       Reaching the Dunes

Our luxurious tour to the Arabian terrain began with a pickup in a luxurious land cruiser. The skilled driver from Happy Adventures Tourism drove us smoothly to the desert. The first glimpses of the magical dunes are enough to make your day. However, you will also get a chance to pick a self-drive desert safari Dubai package. Where you will get a free parking slot.

2.       Camel Safari

The real bliss of being on this Arabian archaic landscape is riding a camel. In our luxurious desert safari, we had an exotic camel ride in the camel caravans. Our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC guided us to the camel caravans where the crew rode on their camels.

Following the lead of a Bedouin, the voyagers explore the dunes to their vast boundaries. You can spot exquisite wildlife including gazelles, oryxes, reptiles, and wild cats. Camel safari in the conservation reserve is the direct medium to experience a timeless journey.

3.       Dune Bashing

Awake your inner adrenaline-junkie by grabbing a furious terrain SUV for dune bashing. At the desert safari in Dubai, many visitors, especially tourists, come to experience this thrill. It’s a popular desert sport and a favourite dune activity of tourists. We had thirty minutes of dune bashing session in a land cruiser which was manoeuvred by a skilled rider.

The dune bashing session also includes sunset photography if you are lucky enough to be there at dusk. The photographers from Happy Adventures Tourism captured fantastic clicks during the cantaloupe. The spontaneous shots of our land cruiser tell the story of our exciting voyage to the dune arena.

4.       Quad Biking

In a VIP desert safari, the quad biking session is also thirty minutes like dune bashing. A quad bike is a four-wheeled vehicle equipped with safety gear. Adrenaline junkies love to drift these SUVs across the high-end dunes, leaving the sand storms behind. You’ll be instructed by the expert on how to ride a quad bike along with the usage of safety gear.

5.       Sandboarding

The Arabian terrain offers a great ground to the surfers to show their swaggy jumps from atop the high dunes. Strap your feet on a sandboard, and surf on the grainy surface like you surf in snow. Watch the serene beauty of the desert with wide opened arms while gliding on the velvety soft sand. It’s an amusing activity which people of any age group can avail of at the dunes.

6.       Private Bedouin Camps

The true bliss of being on a luxurious trip is resting in the well-furnished rooms. Although, you can’t find deluxe hotels on the terrain the Bedouin camps fill in the place. These private Bedouin camps fulfill your desire to have luxury even in this nomadic landscape.

These camps are embellished with top-notch amenities, soft & cosy rugs, and basic facilities. Team Happy Adventures Tourism LLC facilitated us in these private camps with separate toilets for men and women, basic toiletries, and an appealing ambience. These camps are pitched keeping the traditional Arabain theme their centre. The installation of colourful curtains, seatings, and other amenities depict the heritage Bedouin lifestyle.

7.       Exotic Campsite Activities

Get yourself indulged in the exciting campsite activities. Henna painting stalls are installs for the amusement of women and little girls at the colourful campsites. People also love to dress up like Arabs in white robes and pose with the falcon birds.

The heritage hunting method of the Bedouins is also portrayed there for people’s entertainment. In this, the trained falcon birds show their stunts in the sand over which, the beholders get amazed. These campsite activities display the Arabian heritage through the modern window.

8.       Savour the Feast

The luxurious campsites also invite the VIP guests to the delightful savoury. The scrumptious flavours of Arabia are gathered at one table and presented in front of its VIP guests. Enjoy a memorable meal with your special ones in a private desert safari where food is served right in front of you. There are lamb kebabs, mansaf, and several famous cuisines of Arabia. Along with this, the international cuisines are also served with lovely presentations. You’ll be served welcoming drinks, Arabian coffee & tea, and chilled soft drinks.

Flavorful shisha was also served thorough which we had ecstatic sips in the most scenic background. The eatery at this nomadic region of Dubai leaves long-lasting flavours on the taste buds.

9.       Live Entertainment

Witness the iconic displays of the Arabian culture in high vibrancy. The professional Arabian artists remarkably portray their art in various dance forms. These include the famous eastern Tanoura dance performed by the dervishes. Belly dance is also performed by stunning belly dancers.

The stuntmen performed the fire dance by showing insane fire ring manoeuvres and juggling with the swords. These traditional dance depictions do not end here. Khaleeji dance, Zumba, stick & sword dance are also the highlights of a striking night at the dunes.


Create cherishable memories with your people on the premises of golden dunes. Grab a VIP desert safari from trusted professionals like Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. You can also check out their combo deals and packages during different times of the day. The Arabian dune arena keeps a thousand reasons for a traveller to come over and over to its bewildering vicinity. So when are you going to be the fortunate guest of desert safari?