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CAD or Computer-aided design refers to using various aspects of the computer to aid in designing. It reduces the efforts of engineers and connects engineering aspects of a business with its production aspect.

Issues faced without CAD ERP Integration

As the products are designed in CAD, engineers in the company need to send the BOM or Bill of materials to the manufacturing department for them to order the factors of production required in building up the product. Without the CAD ERP integration software, engineers will have to manually input the data and load up ERP. This will lead to engineers wasting their important time and doing extra labor. Moreover, as the engineers are human as well, there are a lot of human errors that might occur when sending this data manually and this will result in a lot of potential loss for business as they many order too many or too few of a certain product and there’s also a possibility of them ordering the wrong parts altogether.

Fruitful and efficient working with CAD ERP Integration

For businesses, to avoid problems like delayed orders leading to wasted money and hence, unhappy customers, this software is a must. Through this software, engineers don’t have to do extra labor as the CAD files can be directly uploaded unto the ERP system. Open-source ERP software allows its users to do exactly this and easily make changes in the bill of materials.

Another way to solve this problem is to use CAD ERP integration software and with this, the whole process from the developmental aspects to the production aspects will be fully automated, minimizing the human errors. Engineers can also focus on the more urgent and technical aspects rather than waste their time doing the clerical work.

Beneficial aspects to the business

Using this integration software, businesses can save a lot of their significant time and money by –

  • Making no errors when ordering the factors of production.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction as they get what they expect on time.
  • Increasing the efficiency of the working process by minimizing errors.
  • Saving the time of engineers so they can give time to the important technical work.

There are a lot of manufacturing companies currently using this software to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their process. You can request the CAD ERP integration software to simplify the working of the business by connecting the engineering and production aspects of the business. for more information visit here