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The electricians are the people who keep the lights on. They are the workers who install, maintain and repair the electrical wiring in our homes and businesses. When the bad weather hits and the electricity goes away, the electricians find the problem and solve it. While the technical institutes offer classroom studies in the field, most electricians learn their trade through a formal learning program. Electricians usually work in one of the four specialized careers such as exterior linemen, interiors, and residential wiring and installation technicians.

NJ electricians install, maintain and repair the high-voltage power lines that transport electricity from the production source to the end user, which could be a house or a business. These electricians usually work at high altitudes, either in a truck with a basket or climbing poles. They may be called to work during inclement weather if power lines are down. Because they work with high voltage electricity, safety is a primary concern for external wiring.

The NJ electricians are the specialized office in the realization of installation work in the buildings of power lines, special lines and auxiliary elements of electrical distribution in low voltage from the company’s mission and to points of consumption. In the field of electricity, the possibilities of finding work are very broad and a good option can be a course that teaches you in the practice of the processes and essential tools for this profession. The electrical installer course will illustrate the techniques necessary to perform the maintenance of any type of installation and introduce you to the new technologies and innovations of this professional activity. So, this thus results in poor knowledge. Well, the NJ electricians do the work best and just trained the right way.

Some of the services NJ electricians provide within the electricity sector:

  • Installations in New Construction: We carry out projects for electrical installations both in premises and in homes. When there are changes in tensions and electrical bulletin, we are the authorized electrical installers.
  • Automatic Doormen and Video Doormen: Telephones and video door phones for communities and companies. Intercom systems.
  • Lighting: Installation of halogens, downlights and all types of lighting in homes and premises.
  • Energy saving: Heating control with programmable thermostats, automatic radiator vents, energy saving lamps, presence detectors, solar energy.
  • Terrestrial and parabolic antennas: Repair and installation of all types of antennas.
  • Domotic Installations: Control the electrical appliances of your home from your mobile.
  • Air Conditioning: Repair and installation of all types of air conditioning.
  • Security Systems: Video surveillance, internet IP cameras, spy cameras, simulated cameras with movement. Video recorders
  • Automatic doors: Installation, repair, and maintenance of all types of automation for automatic doors.
  • Electrical maintenance to Companies, Communities and chain stores.
  • Repairs with the written guarantee. In electrical installations: 2 years warranty.

In addition, our electricians are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need an authorized installer electrician, think about us.