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People used to love going out to the movies. That love was contested for a few decades by cable television, and soon came the digital revolution which changed both the ideology behind successful cinema and the means to watch them.

Nowadays, if you have a connection to the Internet, you can stream movies whenever and wherever you want to through 123movies domains. With an advance into the on-demand era of cinema, the services raise the curiosity of how the online movie services have evolved cinema taste and preferences, and is it a comfort at the cost of leaving behind the unique aesthetic experience and collective reverence of a movie theatre?

When the DVD’s arrived, they were hailed as to ushering a golden age for films by many film critics. They were marketed as collectables for movie-lovers to view their favourites; however, many times they liked. With streaming services now, these collectables are at their fingertips, entire shelves of them without cluttering space. The massive libraries of cinema provide selections based on genres, mood and viewing preferences, ready at the consumer’s disposal, with a click of few buttons of their mobiles, computers or television remotes.

Advantages of Online movies domain

  • The consumer can watch it at their comfort, in bed at home with some comfort food (a plus over the overpriced theatre popcorn), with whatever company they choose. The options are too many, and the constraint imposed on comfortable movie viewing from the past few decades have been hugely eliminated. In a theatre, the viewer does not have full control of their viewing experience, where one’s individual needs must accommodate those of other people
  • Streaming services are a mark of advancement. The choice which these services provide is the selling factor and has seen a remarkable growth among the younger population, who would rather consider the smart option of streaming at their comfort.
  • These services have been competing for domination over the market for quite some time, which brings us better innovations in the film streaming space quickly. A shift in the taste of movies is also imminent. Streaming services produce their movies and TV shows, with a lesser budget, but short-selling ideas and trends are appealing to the demographic.
  • The online movie market has also made it easier for aspiring writers and directors to get their ideas made. Earlier, unless you were significantly known in the industry, chances of your movies being produced and distributed at a standard were very less.

123movies domain has paved the way for a new generation of cinema as an art and is more of the technological advancement of the industry than anything else. The power endowed to the services comes with the responsibility of carrying the industry forward and setting in a new era of the movie-watching experience.