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Having a good diet for your health is very important.  There are many parts of the diet which you need to follow especially when you are talking about the affordable diet.  As the human being you should not worry about the diet being affordable on your pocket because there are many options which you can acquire in order to add it to your daily routine.

Seasonal Fruits

It has been seen around the world that when you are buying the seasonal fruits then not only they are good for the health but they are very affordable on the pocket.  If you will try to buy the fruit which are non-seasonal then they will be expensive and the pocket because you will try to buy it from the expensive Store.  The seasonal fruits can be of any kind but the family of the oranges is going to be very beneficial choice.

Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes are one of the most cheapest and one of the healthiest diet you can have in your daily routine.  According to 2 Fit they are very good for the gut health and because of multiple vitamins available in them you can eat them whenever you want.  Also you can pair the sweet potatoes with any dish in your daily routine.


Eggs are one of the most affordable food in the market which can come in measly dollars.  When you will add this thing in your daily diet then, not only it will increase the antioxidant and nutrients in your body but also it will be tasty addition to your diet.


Yogurt is easily available around the world and they can be cheap on the pocket. According to the research the yoghurt can be very good choice for the people who want to increase their Digestive health. You can add the yoghurt with the smoothies or you can increase the taste of the yoghurt by adding the nuts and Fruits with them. If you want you can add it as the sauce in the cooked food. One way or the other you can eat the yoghurt in your daily routine and because it is cheap on the pocket you can consume it without worrying about your budget.  The processed yoghurt is not the choice you should get and also the flavored yoghurt which might be having the additions which are not good for the body.