Posted on: January 4, 2021 Posted by: Harold Jones Comments: 0

You have multiple digital files and you want to upload them to the cloud storage and now you have found the seed box which is free, should you go for it? Actually before everything you need to understand that the seed box is the cloud storage which will provide you the storage of big size but with being anonymous. It means that even if you will visit the server and will upload the files and download the files from that server is still the IP address of your computer will be hidden.  Only the IP address of the server will be shown on the Internet even if the government or the internet tries to hack that or track that.  But talking about the free seed box you will not get many benefits.

Not that big storage

No company will be able to provide you the free seed box of big size. It means that even if you will get the free Storage for your files it will not be more than 4 to 5 GB of size.  But when you are going to pay for the services, then you will get more than hundred GB even for $2. The more you pay the more you get is the motto of seed box.  When you will research about this thing then you will find that multiple companies are offering the seed box of multiple sizes and speeds.

Speed will not be that fast

When you will go for the free Storage for your files then of course the speed of that server will be very minimal compared to the expectation you have.  You might be familiar that the speed of the server is important when you are willing to download or upload the files not the personal speed of your internet.  Even if you have very little is speed of your internet but the speed of the server is higher than the upload and download will be faster.  If your server is slow and your personal computer internet is fast then the download will not be fast.  But if you will pay for the seed box with good server speed then the download will be happening at least 100 MB per second. So you can understand that the free seed box is available from many companies but the benefits you will not get until you are paying for the services with high bandwidth server and also good storage size.