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Pet keeping is an essential part of life for the majority of people. Choosing the right pet is also very important so that he/she can perfectly adjust to your lifestyle. Make the best choice while getting a pet as it will be easier for both the pet and the pet owners.

No doubt pets make life beautiful so it is also very important for the owners to provide their pets with the best lifestyle. Although there are so many varieties and options available to choose a pet. But one of the best pets that are easy to maintain and take care of is the rodent.

But why only pet rodents? What is special about rodents? What makes them an ideal pet to keep at home? All these questions arise and the majority of the people are curious to know as a new pet owner. A detailed description will help you get the answers to all these questions.

As well this article will also mention few best rodents to keep as a pet at home. Because making the right decision is necessary to gain the best pet-keeping experience.

What makes Rodent an Ideal Pet to Keep?

Rodents are the species that come in different varieties and each one is unique in a different way. Few important things about rodents that make them a perfect pet are their smaller size and they can easily live in an enclosed cage.

Being labeled as a cage-pet people usually prefer keeping a rodent. Because it naturally leaves an impact that it is one of the easy-to-take-care pets available. No doubt, it is true that rodents require less maintenance as compared to other pets like cats and dogs. But at the same time rodents too have necessities and requirements to be fulfilled to survive a healthy life.

Proper cage setup with all the essentials is all you need to keep a pet rodent. Cage is a must because rodents are playful and active pets that can not be left alone to roam freely at home. As there are so many options while keeping this pet so it is very important to choose the right one.

So, mentioned below is a list of rodents that you can keep whether it is your first time or your already own a pet. Before that, what to look for while selecting a rodent?

Things to Consider while Selecting a Rodent

Before bringing a rodent home, it is very important to analyze and do research, which rodent will be a perfect fit for your home. It is very important to consider your lifestyle and understand the nature of rodents.

If you are looking for a calm as well as quiet rodent then a guinea pig is a perfect fit for your lifestyle. On the other hand, if you are looking for an active and enthusiastic pet then a hamster is perfect for you. Similarly, there is a huge variety and it is your responsibility to pick the right one according to your choice.

Few Best Rodents to Keep as a Pet

Some pet rodents that might fit perfectly to your lifestyle are:

·  Guinea Pigs

On top of the list comes the guinea pigs. If you are the one who cannot stand the noise of a pet then this pet is your right choice. Guinea pig is the calmest pets, which hardly make any noise. As well as training and taking care of this pet is comparatively easy than other pets.

· Hamster

Another best rodent that can be your ideal pet is a hamster. Taking care of this pet is also easier as compared to other pets. The thing you should consider before you bring this rodent is, always bring an individual hamster as a pet. Because groups or more than one hamster in the same cage may fight.

Hamsters do not like sharing their stuff as well as the love of their owner. So, it is preferred to bring one at a time. But if you are getting two then you need to separate them into different cages.

· Gerbils

Gerbils are the smallest rodents as compared to hamsters. The best thing about gerbils is you can keep two or more at the same time. It is a highly active and social pet rodent with a highly friendly nature. So, it can be your perfect companion to bring happiness to your life.


Rodents can be an ideal pet to keep at home but making the right choice while selecting a rodent is very important. Rodents need special care and adjusting them according to their habits is necessary to provide them a healthy life. So, it is very important to select the right rodent according to your lifestyle as it is the only way you can make them happy.