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An orbital sander is a type of tool which is normally used for sanding the wood and is most commonly found in the workshops and in wood shops. This is an easy to operate the tool and very little time required for learning this tool. Some of the orbital sander reviews will be discussed in this article.

Some of the facts to know about the working of the orbital sander

Orbital sanders normally work by elliptically rotating the sanding disk. This doesn’t allow the sanding disk to move over the same section more than one time, which means that one is left with an even and smooth finish that has no circular swirl marks.

Irrespective of the wood grain’s direction, this sander will smoothen the surface without leaving any marks. Because of this, one can easily sand two pieces of the woods at the same time, even if the grains of the two pieces are in different directions.

These types of sanders are mainly ideal for sanding the surface of any wood to create a smooth appearance. This sander shouldn’t be used between the paint layers or after the finishing has been added. Before using this sander, one should collect below of these items:

  1. The dust mask
  2. Eye protection
  3. Gloves will be needed
  4. One should cover any delicate areas
  5. Selection of the correct sanding disks
  6. Secure the Sanding Disk

Top uses and reviews for orbital sander

The best feature of this orbital sander has the square shape that allows it to get in corners and against the edges. Some of the models of the orbital sander are having a long warranty and having good build quality. These are having a powerful battery system. Some of them come with a comfortable grip handle. One can easily replace the sanding pads. This is a less expensive machine to use. One should look for below features while buying the orbital sander:

  1. Power: There are mainly 2 types of an orbital sander. One is corded and the other is cordless. Normally the corded random orbital sanders are affordable and offer good performance with the lower price tag.
  2. Power rating:  The cordless models have the power rating as 18 volts to 20 volts. The corded models have the power rating given from 2 amps or 3 amps. In both cases, the higher rating normally results in better performance.
  3. Orbit speed: The orbit speed of an orbital sander simply tells about the number of times the sanding disc is orbiting in every minute.


By knowing the process of how an orbital sander normally works and how to use the same correctly, one can take advantage of its uses in a safer way.