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The clog shoes have received a lot of fashion criticism for their unique design. It might look like a plastic slipper, but it’s not. However, it is its strange reading designs that quickly won the hearts of many shoe lovers Over time, Mexico flag clogs shoes quickly became loved by many people because of their convenience
Some advantages of this product


Clog shoes are lightweight compared to heavy shoes you’ve ever worn. They used a strange and unique material with air bubble-like holes in the surface. The foaming process on the surface is the highlight to create the lightness of this product

Comfortable all day

Lightweight materials give the product personality and character. And if you do a job that requires standing all day, this clog shoe is a choice for you

Water proof

The surface has a characteristic nodule that no other footwear product seems to have. This is an ideal footwear product for you in every season of the year, especially in summer

Easy to clean

Because the material is waterproof, you can easily clean it with soap

Show your pride

The Mexican community in the US is huge. There is nothing better than wearing unique shoes that show your pride in Mexico


In the ugly at first glance. But for many people who love the unique, clog shoes are still a good value for money option