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Individuals have developed a variety of sources to pass their leisure time. One of these sources include the numerous social networking sites. Instagram like Facebook, twitter and snapchat is a social networking site. It gives its audience the choice to post pictures, videos, writings and whatever one wishes to post. Instagram provides individual the platform to also promote their products, websites, shows and blog posts. All this boost up the audience for their product or writings. Instagram has following important components:

  • Profile: This is made by a user. The profile contains user’s picture and information or rather user’s bio. However, it is all the choice of a user what to write and post.
  • News feed: Instagram allow its users to connect to the outer world. The news feed displays the posts of people you follow. However, it also shows posts related to your interest.
  • Following and followers: Instagram enables one to follow request the private accounts and follow the public accounts. In the same way a user also receives follow requests from other people.

As we talk about followers and following, in today’s time with growing socialization users especially the youth and teenagers start developing anxiety and a sense of inferiority when they lack likes and followers on their account. It thus becomes important to buy instagram likes as a way to boost posts

How to buy instagram likes?

  • The first way is by creating multiple fake accounts. After making fake accounts one can increase likes to the posts. However, this way is highly not recommended since one has to check on multiple accounts.
  • Subscribing to services that actually provides access to instagram bots. These then follow the posts and increase the likes on the respective post. These bots however unfollow the posts in order to maintain ideal follower/following ratio. For this purpose, there are a number of services that sell likes by charging a particular amount. Some if the bot-backed services, along with liking the posts, might also comment on your post.

These are the two main ways by which one can buy instagram likes as a way to boost up the posts.


All of this might appear good but buying instagram likes also has certain demerits. For instance, you visit someone’s profile and you see that one has got millions of followers but comparatively too lesser likes on the post, you can then easily make out that it has fake followers. This doesn’t give a good impression. Moreover, people who make accounts to promote their product don’t benefit from this since fake followers do not help earn money. However, one cannot deny that people have this want of getting more and more likes and so the services that help to buy instagram likes are preferred.