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Arcade games have always been a favorite amongst the people. With time these games have transformed while others have become rather rare. Bubble hockey is no exception to this rule. Over the years the bubble hockey table has transformed and if you were to see the first table it’s likely you won’t even believe it’s the same game.

The first bubble hockey table was made in Toronto by the Canadian Donald H. Munro Sr. Don in the year 1932. The table was made out of scrap wood and metal along with coat hanger wires. It was supposed to be a Christmas present for his three kids. However a salesman is said to have seen the game and suggested Munro to sell it. He ended up signing a consignment deal for more.

How it has changed

The original bubble hockey game was meant for two players with controls on one side. However with time the controls were given on both sides with players facing each other. Later on the game also turned into a four player game, commonly known as doubles. Over the years many companies have come up with their version of the table. Super chexx perhaps the one that has changed the most. This table has a bubble inside which the ice hockey rink is made. This helps create a better experience for the players.


North Americans take bubble hockey pretty seriously, the hand painted figures represent their favorite teams. The older versions had Canada vs Russia, Russia vs USA or Canada vs USA. However the new ones have NFL and AHL players too. With these customized versions there are plenty of tournaments that are held all over the country and fans actively attend the events. Super chexx is a personal favorite with local fan sites and tournament held in different areas.

The bubble hockey game is an ice hockey version in the board game. Fuse ball is similar version of football and is also quite popular. The tables are sold on online websites like eBay and Amazon. There are plenty of companies like Munro Games and Stiga Games that come up with new versions of the bubble hockey table every few years. Do-To-Ho is a variation of bubble hockey; the figures however are not fastened to bars and are mobile on the board. There are pucks on the base that help glide the ball. It is a favorite in the arcades too.