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Nothing adds joy to a gathering like the crackingling sounds of a good fire, and nothing embodies this feeling more than a quality wood burning fire pit. For good reason, they’re a favorite at home parties, cookouts and other gatherings. When you want to enjoy them to their fullest, however, you need to know what to look for. There are a few simple tips that will help you determine which one is best for your needs.

Best Wood Burning Fire Pit Prices. You can find many excellent outdoor fire pit models at affordable prices if you shop around. High quality classic wood burning fire pits aren’t hard to beat, especially for their price, they’re extremely durable and heat output, providing unmatched warmth and value for great prices. While some high-end options may offer better features and higher price tags, there are some that are quite comparable in both quality and value. All the best wood burning fire pit reviews will mention the importance of comparing prices, and while the overall quality may be the same, the price is a big determining factor in whether you should buy or not.

Best Wood Burning Firespit Accessories. Naturally, you want something that will enhance the enjoyment of your wood burning fires. Some of the most popular accessories include: inserts, covers, fuel tanks, and accelerants. Each has a unique purpose, and each fits different uses. Each model of pits that are reviewed typically has one to three different types of accessories available, so it’s important to decide which ones are right for you.

Quality Construction Quality. All of the best pits utilize high quality materials. They’re constructed using solid steel, cast iron, or aluminum. Each component is designed to function as its own piece, and each part is built tightly. This allows the pit to generate maximum heat with the least amount of fuel used. Whether you need a portable pit that you can take anywhere, or if you need a permanent fixture that provides year-round heat for your backyard area, Landmann is the brand to go with.

High Heat Output. Not only do the accelerators that are installed on some models provide extra heat, but many of them also have variable settings that allow you to raise the heat output for different temperatures. If you don’t want to waste your money heating up a small fire pit every time you need to get some fresh air, you can adjust the settings until you’re comfortable. If you have wood burning fires that you want to give extra heat to, you can increase the temperature of the pit and enjoy the increased benefits of heating faster than ever before.

Looks Good. You don’t have to worry about the looks of your wood pit. While some people prefer traditional open pit fire bowls, there are people out there who are interested in modern fire bowls that look good as well. Whether it is a bowl that has flames coming out of it or one that is made with metal, there is a style out there to suit your personality.

Easy Cleaning. Even though you get plenty of air out of a wood fire, there are times when the ashes might not have been removed completely and you will need to clean up that mess. A propane fire pit cooking grate is very easy to remove so that you can keep your grill looking great, even after you cook up a fire. The propane fire grates are also extremely easy to assemble so you won’t have any trouble at all cleaning up.

Easy to Care For. Wood burning fire pits can be an awesome addition to your backyard. They do require some maintenance and you should make sure that you have a clean pit every couple of months. If you buy a good quality product then you should have no problems with keeping your fire pit clean, just remember that you want the mesh to be at least eight inches high.