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AWS stands for Amazon web service which is basically a cloud-based application which provides various types of services to customers to scale their project or organization.

Why is AWS so important nowadays?

In a general, scenario, let’s say you created a website and want to start publishing it. For showing your website to the world you need a server where you will deploy your website. You go ahead, buy a server, deploy and your site is the visible to all public. Your server will have a specific load defined which it can manage. Say after a period of time your website becomes popular and started attracting more traffic than your server can control. Now you will need a full maintenance team to support your website infrastructure. To avoid these kinds of scenario Amazon created AWS service in which they are providing different services such as the database, virtual machine to manage, store and maintain your work and so on. It will automatically scale up or scale down the storage or server based on the load. For example, AWS service provides a virtual machine where you can choose your load and according to your traffic Amazon will scale it up when traffic is high and scale it down when traffic is less. You do not need to worry about anything. The prices of such services depend on usage hours and you pay on the basis of that.

Types of AWS certification

There are 4 major types of certifications available.

  • Certified solutions architect- associate
  • Certified developer- associate
  • Certified SysOps- professional
  • Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

Average Cost of certification programs

AWS certification cost depends according to the type of certification program you choose to learn and also on the country from where you are doing the certification programs. In India, the cost range between 10000 to 20000 INR. it has to keep in mind that these certifications are valid only for a period of 2 years and once that time is over recertification is required.

Thus, such certified persons are hired by different big agencies for a good amount of money and you can choose this as your career if you already have some preliminary knowledge on server load maintenance. Depending on the opportunities these certification program provides they are not expensive at all and is of great help to many software professionals out there who want a boost in their career.