Posted on: February 28, 2018 Posted by: Harold Jones Comments: 0

This digital era has marked new changes in web design. From the past year, the internet world has seen major updates and many websites got a new face up lift. But still there are people who follow the old school of thought. A web design with a 90’s look seems to be spammy now. So, if you are a businessman or an entrepreneur who want a face for his brand or company then you should not make these 4 mistakes in 2018.

  1. Not using a responsive design

One of the biggest mistake that someone could make in 2018 would be not using a responsive website design. Google has already warned that mobile responsive designs are mandatory for good user experience. Many websites have seen a decrease in their ranking due to not being responsive. This is something worth considering that now we have more people browsing internet through their smartphone and tablet devices. So, in order to offer them a seamless experience, it is important to develop websites that are mobile responsive and has the ability to deliver flawless user experience.

  1. Not using the right platform for web designing

There are many free website builder apps introduced in the market that entice customers to build a free website for their business. These apps give easy drag and drop options that help people to design and launch their websites in minutes. But these free website builders add an unnecessary line of codes in the back-end of websites. This can lead to potential problems in the future such as slow website speed, configuration issues etc.

These website builders are also limited in functionality. So, if you want to create a website with an added functionality you might not be able to do this because you can’t access the coding or backend of the website

  1. Not keeping a website updated

Keeping your website updated is really important considering the cybersecurity risks that we are facing in this digital era. If you don’t update your website regularly then it opens up new vulnerabilities. To avoid such issues you can install and configure security plugins such as WordFence to protect your website from unwanted attacks.

  1. Not hiring a professional developer

Many small businesses cut the cost by using free tools and resources. This may help to keep the operational costs lower in the beginning but over the time, not investing in your digital media persona can costs you more than you think. Instead of ignoring your online presence you can hire a professional web developer who can save you unnecessary costs and time resources. If your local developer charges huge prices then you can outsource the work to an affordable web development company in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh. These three countries are doing a really good job in freelancing industry. There are many developers who charge $30 to $50 for a good looking website. For a startup or anyone who does not want to invest in a $4k or $5k web design can hire a developer from these countries to get a professional looking website.

Website design is an ever changing technology. New and advanced technologies are introduced every other day. That is why it is important to keep up with the change. Just remember to avoid these mistakes at any cost as it can cost you a lot in the future.